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Phone: +371 29168156, +371 26172091, Udriši rural municipality,

Hosts offer military sports game AIRSOFT. It is a team sport or military simulation game. It is a game in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched  via replica firearms called airsoft guns. Since airsoft pellets do not mark their target and hits are not always visibly apparent, airsoft  relies on an honor system in which it is the duty of the person who has been hit to call themselves out regardless of whether or not anyone saw it happen. There is a possibility to play funny team game
FOOT GOLF. During the game players have to kick a soccer ball into a cup in as few shots as possible. This game will help to find new  feelings, just relax from school, work. Game suitable for both juniors and older people. After an active rest playing airsoft you can be offered camping, fireplace, beach volleyball field, black (smoke) sauna and swimming in the pond. Book your visit in advance.